Lions Support Front line workers – Seniors Homes

Lions Support Front line workers – Seniors Homes

Frontline workers at four Cochrane senior living facilities are receiving some good cheer, courtesy of the Cochrane Lions Club.

The club has donated $1,000 to each of the Big Hill Lodge, Bethany Cochrane, Points West Living, and Grand Avenue Village to help lift the spirits of their employees.

The donations are designed to provide the frontline workers a little extra support.

“The Lions Club wanted to show our support and appreciation for the frontline workers at Cochrane seniors living facilities,” says Mark Demeo, Lions Club communications officer.

“The cards will be given to the frontline workers to use for meals, transportation, or whatever else will make their lives just a little bit easier during these difficult times.”

Big Hill Lodge manager Sandra Robin says the donations were a wonderful surprise.

“That was an amazing gift that will boost morale. It just made us feel awesome, it was fantastic. What a great surprise.”

She says Cochrane’s community spirit continues to shine through during the pandemic.

“This is just another example of the community taking care of each other. For my team to be recognized for the hard work, effort, and dedication they have to these seniors and the house… it’s just amazing.”

Supporting Minor Ball

Supporting Minor Ball

Lion Chris and Lion Jim present the Cochrane minor ball association with some mutch needed funding!

Did you know that the lions were instrumental in building the ball diamonds in the rodeo grounds!

New Bleachers for the Rodeo and beyond

New Bleachers for the Rodeo and beyond

The Lions are looking at how we can make use of the rodeo grounds in between rodeos and during off seasons. We are working with the town to come up with ideas from symphony’s to ice rinks.

To enable this we needed new bleachers. The old ones were no longer safe. Lion Chris and Lion Kevin took charge and got us new bleachers at a very reduced cost! We hope you come out to the rodeo and more events in the future to enjoy.

In this photo Lion Darren is hard at work volunteering to put them together.